Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Visiting John's Family in Bowie, Maryland

These photos were taken during a short visit to John's home in Bowie, Marland:

Missy, holding her youngest nephew, Jack, October 3, 2015
Weldon and holding grandson John Weldon "Jack" Whipple Jr., October 3, 2015, in Bowie, Maryland

Barbara holding 6-week-old Jack Whipple, son of John and Kelly Whipple
Barbara with grandson Gabe, with Maya in the foreground.
John burping John Jr. "Jack"

Barbara, Weldon and Missy visited John and Kelly, and their two sons, 8-year old Gabriel "Gabe" and 6-week-old John Weldon "Jack" Whipple, Jr. in Bowie, Maryland, arriving on October 2, the day before Barbara's birthday. The photo of Jack and Barbara was taken on October 6, 2015. The photo of Gabe was taken a day earlier, on October 5.