Saturday, March 20, 2010

Basic Training is Over!!

John entered Army Basic Training at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri earlier this year. When it was time to graduate, Mom and Dad attended the ceremonies  This is his mom outside the theater before it the graduation started.

John was in the 2nd PLT, Foxtrot Company, 1st Battalion of the 48th Infantry Regiment. Here are some of the graduates marching to Shea Gym following graduation:
At Shea Gym, Mom and Dad signed John out with his Drill Sergeant, and we were able to spend time together until that evening. Here's John and Mom.
John showed us his barracks (from the outside, of course):
After lunch at the Kyoto restaurant, John got to catch up on his email--over a 1000 were waiting in his inbox. He also opened his U.S. Mail that had accumulated during Basic Training. This is John checking his MacBook. (That is Dad's MacBook Pro to the right of John's MacBook.)
The next morning John went to Lambert Field in St. Louis, where he awaited his flight to his next assignment. Coincidentally, Mom and Dad were at Lambert Field on their way home at the same time. This is Mom, John and Dad in front of the USO at Lambert Field.
Congratulations, John!! We miss you!
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