Monday, October 8, 2007

New Roof

In August 2007 my insurance company wrote to inform me that they were canceling my homeowner's insurance on October 20, because we hadn't re-roofed our house. (They said that they had notified us the previous October. My assertions about not receiving the notice fell on deaf ears.) I telephoned my cousin the roofer, who sold me a new roof. This photo--taken on October 8-- was 12 days before the deadline. Fortunately, the insurance company didn't cancel our insurance!

Actually, I don't mind getting a new roof. We've needed one for at least 15 years--since we moved into the house. I guess it was good to have a reason to quit procrastinating. The roof looks nice, don't you think! BTW, that is my Toyota Tacoma pickup in the driveway.