Saturday, September 1, 2001

July-August 2001 Japan Trip

On Thursday, July 26, Barbara and I flew to Japan's Kansai Airport via Los Angeles. Crossing the International Date Line, we arrived at about 6:00 p.m. The Iwaki family met our flight and drove us to their home in Kawanishi in northwestern Kansai.

On the way they stopped at a restaurant named Gyōza no Ōshō (餃子の王将), where Barbara and I had yakisoba. (It was delicious!) We met the father Masaaki, Yasuko his wife, daughter Emi, 17-year-old son Shō, and 14-year-old son Kei. The family was extremely gracious to us.

Suffering from jet lag, we went directly to sleep on futons in the living room.

Osaka Castle, Osaka Aquarium, and Okamachi, July 28

After breakfast, Yasuko drove us to Osaka Castle, the Osaka Aquarium, and to the Okamachi Branch.

Masaaki and Yasuko Iwaki with Barbara and Weldon at Osaka Castle