Wednesday, July 14, 1999

7 Octaves!!

Most pianists can comfortably play four octaves at once. The story goes that Mozart--not satisfied with four octaves--used his nose to play the fifth. Well, Missy decided to out-do Mozart by playing

Thursday, July 8, 1999

Mayflower Boat Anchor

This is a photo of Barbara holding the Mayflower's anchor during a visit to Plymouth, Massachusetts, in July 1999. When the Pilgrims came to Massachusetts in 1620, there were no man-made docks, so they sailed along the coast until they found a place to drop anchor. Then they had to wade, swim or row into shore. That was nearly 400 years ago. Things have changed since then.

Tuesday, July 6, 1999

Too Much Charmin Squeezin'?

This is what might have happened in the 1690's in Salem, Massachusetts, if caught squeezing Charmin. (Well, they didn't have Charmin in those days, so it wasn't a temptation like it is today.) I'm glad they don't use stocks for punishment nowadays. This photo was taken in Salem in July 1999.

Sunday, May 23, 1999


Schylar the pre-schooler.