Saturday, November 19, 1994

4 Cousins, 4 Eagles

This photo of Nick, Luke, Spencer and John was taken at the end of the Boy Scout Court of Honor where all four received their Eagle Scout award, November 19, 1994.

Wednesday, September 14, 1994

More Missy

Since this month is Missy's birthday, here are a series of photos of the birthday girl. This first one is at age 10 (I think. Maybe she was 9?):

Age 11 was written on the back of this one:
This photo said age 12:

Saturday, July 16, 1994

Missy's Equestrian Photos

It's been fewer than two weeks since Cameron and Bella rode their first horses. Last night I found these photos on a roll dedicated to Missy's Girl Scout horse-riding outing when she was in about 5th grade. This is definitely Missy's month on this blog. (Maybe it has something to do with it being her birthday month...?)