Thursday, November 25, 1976

Look Familiar?

Anyone who has brought kids to our house lately will see a similar marble ramp in our basement family room. Our first exposure to marble ramps was at the Schwendimans' house in Freeport, Illinois, on Thanksgiving Day, 1976. This photo shows Katie, playing with marbles. Her uncle was so impressed with the marble ramp that he made one for her. (That is the one we have today.)

Sunday, April 18, 1976

Graduate Recital at the Provo Tabernacle

Provo Tabernacle, April 18, 1976

Young Family

18 Apr 1976, Armstring Apartments, Provo 

Sunday, February 8, 1976


This is Katie at about six months. (No, the rocking chair isn't oversized ...)